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NAME: Sohir Linbeck
A.K.A.: Marten
CANON: Original
AGE: 18
SPECIES: Werewolf/Elf


HEIGHT: 4'8"
HAIR: Brown, curly
EYES: Green
DRESS: Vauguely magey
SCENT: Scent
VOICE: Noble Shaldorn
DEMEANOR: Quiet, serious, thoughtful.


Prince Sohir Linbeck



Compared to the bold, outgoing personalities of most of his family, and especially the dominating presence of his mother, Sohir is quiet and reserved, enough so that most assume he is shy or even a little bit simple. He's got a quick mind though, and is very careful with his words, knowing when to be tactful and when to be blunt. His smiles and laughs are wry and soft, and when he makes a joke it's generally more of a tease born of great affection. Sohir doesn't have much of the entitled air that most would expect of a prince, since he's lived more like a sage's apprentice than lordling and tends to just do what he wants done rather than ask and wait for someone else to.

The extent of his magical education isn't widely known but most assume he has greater ability than his siblings, given that he was almost always seen in the company of his sorceress mother or his elderly elven tutor. Even those rare times people notice him on his own, he's usually sitting quietly in some scene area and working on an embroidery project, painting, or drawing. Those are actually his primary method of practing magic- he works the symbols he needs for the spell with his stitches or paint without having to actually cast the spell, allowing him to tweak and perfect the spell safely. And to practice outside so that he isn't a total recluse like many sorcerers end up being.

Being part werewolf and yet unable to naturally shift has made him take particular interest in different methods of polymorphing. With the aid of his mentor and a good bit of pain, he's permantly bound one particular shapeshifting spell to his skin; thanks to the stunningly realistic tattoo of a small ermine perched on his hipbone, he can transform himself into said ermine at will.


Sohir was a suprise child. Born 9 years after his most recent sister and a several past his father's last heat, there were whispers that he was sired by another, though King Emmerich proudly spoke of how Sohir had his hair, how his smile was just like his, and treated him the same as any of his children. He was small, even for a Shaldorn half-elf, and the first male capable of carrying child born into the royal family in generations. With so wide a gap between himself and his siblings, he was raised more like an only child than the latest, with visits from neices and newphews being his main source of playing with children his age.

His magic ability manifested quite early and rather violently when he froze part of a courtyard pool while throwing a tantrum after being forbidden from swimming in it. After that, his mother kept a closer eye on him instead of leaving him in the care of sisters and nannies. She helped him cultivate and control his magic, treating him more like apprentice than son. Which is not to say she was cold to him, but rather very focused on making sure that his potential wasn't wasted. And with plenty of other royal heirs, there was no need to marry him off or set him up with property, leaving him free to devote himself to study.

When it became clear that he had a knack for transmuation and alchemy rather than direct elemental and destruction magic like his mother, she sent for a tutor for him that specialized in that field. Sohir took to her immediately and she taught him how entwine art and magic alongside his mother's more assertive methods.

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